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BMW vs Acura

BMW vs Acura
You sink into velvety-soft seats, adjust your throne of a command center, hit the throttle, wrap your hand around a gear shifter plated in glass, and with a simple point at the infotainment screen, set your playlist in motion! Such is life—life in the lap of a luxury car.

Which luxury car? BMW and Acura boast all-star models known the world over, that much is clear—but which brand offers more to the good people of Mobile, Alabama?

See how BMW cars compare to competitors from Acura as you read the comparisons linked on this page. Discover your new daily driver with help from our experts at BMW of Mobile!

BMW vs Acura: More Than Sedans & SAVs®

So many models to choose from! Acura and BMW are notable for their sedans and sport utility vehicles (BMW dubs theirs Sports Activity Vehicles®, or SAVs®). However, the BMW brand simply has more models to speak of—including chic coupes and convertibles.

Indeed, BMW even has performance and plug-in hybrid versions of most of its models—a claim Acura can’t make. The latest and greatest models from Bavarian Motor Works include:


Performance: Our Powerful Case for BMW

Performance: Our Powerful Case for BMW

Does BMW or Acura hold the keys you need to reach the next level of performance? Trick question: You hold the keys—and they had better be the keys to a brand-new BMW!

From BMW M comes some of the most powerful performers around. Some of their TwinPower Turbo engines can achieve 500+ horsepower—notably, the M-tuned versions of all the models mentioned above. In the Acura lineup, only the NSX luxury sports car can compare.

Meanwhile, BMW plug-in hybrid models meld fuel economy and performance in fresh, exciting ways. If you want to electrify your drive, BMW has a clear edge.

Luxury Car Living: BMW-Exclusive Features

Every luxury brand thrives on exclusivity. Acura and BMW stake their own claims to fame with unique features. Fans of Acura can vaunt Jewel Eye® LED headlamps, and BMW buffs can have Icon Adaptive LED Headlamps with Laserlight for unparalleled illumination.

BMW cars sport the classic kidney grille, and Acura offers its own Diamond Pentagon grille. Some BMW features have no equivalent in the competitor, though. Your preferred BMW might feature some of these true brand-exclusives:

  • Gesture Control. Forget touchscreens and touchpads. Keep your eyes on the street and use simple hand gestures to command your iDrive infotainment system!
  • Glass Controls. Handmade, diamond-cut glass controls are available for center console controls. Add more artistry to your drive and feel true sophistication under your fingers.
  • Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof. Imagine a moonroof with 15,000 points of LED light. It would illuminate the entire interior—and does so in many a BMW.

BMW or Acura: Who Makes the Better Car?

BMW or Acura: Who Makes the Better Car?

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. This truism holds when it comes to luxury car brands, too! Motorists here in Mobile, AL, have a choice to make between two major-league marques.

If you want variety, spirited performance, and top-tier luxury, we recommend BMW over Acura. Since the days when they made aircraft engines, Bavarian Motor Works has always strived for excellence—and hit the mark more than they ever imagined!

Go on—see how it feels to cruise the streets in a sedan or coupe. Feel that crisp, cool breeze in a convertible. Take on adventure in a Sports Activity Vehicle®.

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