BMW Enjoys Excellent January Sales Results

Earlier this month, BMW proudly announced that the company had delivered 19,016 vehicles to United States customers in January, registering a 5 percent sales increase compared to January 2017 sales results. The month's performance can be put down to increasing consumer demand for BMW electrified vehicles and continued interest in BMW passenger cars and SAVs.

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BMW Reveals New Lease Program For the Sharing Economy

BMW has a well-deserved reputation for developing innovative solutions to answer customers' needs, placing them in the vanguard of the automotive industry. Last month, BMW Group Financial Services announced an innovative program that's intended to serve customers who are looking to take part in the sharing economy -- offering an ideal solution for customers who want to supplement their incomes and either drive for ride-sharing providers or rent their BMW to others when they're not using it.

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BMW Reports Positive December 2017 U.S. Sales Results

Earlier this week, BMW Group announced that the company enjoyed a robust United States sales performance last month, with 34,253 BMW vehicles sold throughout the United States helping deliver a 4.3 percent sales improvement when compared to the 32,835 vehicles sold in December, 2016. For the full 2017 year, a total of 305,685 BMW vehicles were sold to United States customers.



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Presenting the First-Ever BMW M3 CS

In November, BMW unveiled the special edition M3 CS model, a vehicle that balances both practicality and performance. Thanks to the use of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic throughout its construction, the M3 CS is significantly lighter than other M3 models, with a lower center of gravity that offers even more agile handling.

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It's Time to Tale a First Look at the BMW Concept Z4 Roadster

The BMW Concept Z4 roadster has been in the automotive news lately, with the press noticing that it seems to be signaling a new direction for the company in many ways. Created in conjunction with another automaker, the Concept Z4 is, much like the recently-detailed 8-series preview, marking a defined new direction for BMW design.

The retro shark-nose propels forward, while the rest of the vehicle appears to swoop back.

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BMW Presented the Concept 8 Series to the World

Recently, BMW unveiled the Concept 8 Series for its world debut at the Villa d'Este Concours in Italy. While the vehicle still technically just a concept, it's expected that the finished design wil be quite alike the vehicle showcased at Lake Como, with exterior changes made so as to conform to safety standards.

It's evident from the first impression that the 8 Series is an absolute beauty.

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